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Implementing World Changing Ideas That Are Inspiring, Practical, and Scalable

“The BIG Ideas Foundation hopes to unleash human potential in practical ways. We wish to have impact in the world, so we leave things better than we found them. We are on a journey to transform lives. Our vision is underpinned by concepts of “practical idealism”.

The world we find today doesn’t have small challenges. It has big ones. So the solutions – even if they are effective – can’t be small either. We need scalable solutions. In affect, we need big ideas that have impact.

But these big ideas also have to be practical. Despite good intentions, “naive idealism” doesn’t always work in the real world. And the alternative of “cynical realism” is not inspiring. So “practical idealism” just seems the answer. It is the rational alternative.

Inspired by practical idealism, the BIG Ideas Foundation is focused on implementing world changing ideas that are inspiring, practical and scalable.

One of the first areas of our work has been in the field of gifted education.

We need to harness the potential of everyone – and especially the gifted ones – so that they can help us generate and implement world changing ideas. The human mind is too valuable a resource to waste. Especially that of a gifted child.

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The expectations we have especially from our gifted youth are significant.
They have to help us get the world out of the big  problems that human development has created. They need to use their ingenuity to innovate with BIG Ideas. But we also need to give them the intellectual, emotional and ethical tools so that they are equipped for the task we expect from them.

The “Bonaire Institute of Giftedness (BIG)” – an initiative of The BIG Ideas Foundation is intended to help gifted children pursue their full potential”.

Adnan Hassan,

founder of The BIG Ideas Foundation

Bonaire Institute of Giftedness 

Naast de FamilieXpeditie voor begaafde kinderen en hun ouder(s) zetten wij ons in voor de opbouw van het Bonaire Institute for the Gifted (BIG). Wij doen dit via The BIG Ideas Foundation.

Hiervoor organiseerden wij in 2016, 2017 en 2019 ism met st. Expertisecentrum Onderwijs & Zorg Bonaire het Professionals Program:

Teachertrainingen  basis en vervolg (Primair Onderwijs)
Teachertraining voor docenten Voortgezet Onderwijs
Professionaliseringsbijeenkomsten ‘het jonge kind’
Informatiebijeenkomst voor medewerkers van het Centrum voor Jeugd & Gezin

Informatiebijeenkomsten voor ouders & belangstellenden

Professionalisering casemanagers in de zorg
3 dagdelen door Anita Wuestman

Download hier de hand-out van de presentatie ter introductie van de BIG Ideas Foundation en de FamilieXpeditie.